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just a bit about me

Artist, gardener, mom, french fry lover,
and always a dog or two around.
Moving from Kansas City to Denver in 1997, I worked with Einstein Bros Bagels as the Senior Illustrator and Designer. Since then I have been blessed to have worked with wonderful, creative people and companies that have let me prove my experience in marketing, branding and illustration.  

I will partner with you on projects from strategic planning, packaging, store design, illustration and logos to create and visualize an authentic voice for your brand's development and adding innovative strategies to existing brands to stay relevant on the global stage.

My roster of clients is diverse but each brand has the same goal; mind-blowing and memorable. Clients range from national restaurant, beverage companies, private-label products, commercial and small business retail and financial firms. I put my full creative skill and talent to each design. The goal is to provide a unique and thought-provoking spin for each client.

Flexibility allows me to work both collaboratively or autonomously. I am comfortable with fast paced demands, problem solving and keeping my cool.

MY combination of a fine arts background and brand experience inspire creative results.

Let's talk!




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